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Introducing a new video series from NCCMT: “Understanding Research Evidence”

Key concepts explained …simply!

Understanding and interpreting research evidence is an important part of practicing evidence-informed public health. You need to understand some basic concepts. That’s why the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools has developed a series of short videos to explain some important terms that you are likely to encounter when looking at research evidence.

If you haven’t seen yourself as an interpreter of research (until now!), get the basics with Understanding Research Evidence. These concise videos explain each term in plain language using realistic public health examples and engaging visuals. NCCMT’s “Understanding Research Evidence” video series includes:
• How to Calculate an Odds Ratio
• Understanding a Confidence Interval
• Forest Plots: Understanding a Meta-Analysis in 5 Minutes or Less
• The Importance of Clinical Significance

In just a few minutes you will learn how to use and interpret these concepts.
Visit the NCCMT website to watch all the “Understanding Research Evidence” videos or to learn about the other products and services available from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools!

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Media Smarts’ Media Minutes

The videos in this series are great learning tools for children, youth, and even adults! They go over the basics of media, describing what it is, different forms of media, what it’s purpose and uses are, and more.

Here are the Media Minute videos. Check out the Media Smarts website for more great information, including helpful resources for teachers.

Media Minute Introduction: What is media anyway?

Media Minute Lesson 2: Media are constructions

Media Minute Lesson 3: Audiences negotiate meaning

Media Minute Lesson 4: Media have commercial implications

Media Minute Lesson 5: Media have social and political implications

Media Minute Lesson 6: Each medium has a unique aesthetic form

Medial Assessment of Immigrant and Refugee Children

Great information for medical professionals on preparation/documentation for the visit, taking health history, and much more.

Immunize Canada’s new video PSA, promoting immunization against influenza

Children’s Health Video

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