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Trottibus - the walking school bus!

Posted under Other on 13/2/15

This ‘walking school bus’, led by adult volunteers, makes stops along the way to school to pick up children, providing an active and safe way to get to school every day.

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What has the biggest impact on health outcomes? The answer might surprise you, with Dr. Ryan Meili

Posted under Other on 17/10/14

Dr. Ryan Meili, a Saskatoon Family Doctor and the Director of Upstream talks about evidence-based policy-making, and improving health outcomes by addressing the social determinants of health.

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What has the biggest impact on health outcomes? The answer might surprise you, with Dr. Ryan Meili

Posted under Other on 4/4/14

In this great video from, family doctor Dr.Ryan Meili talks about the importance of addressing the social determinants of health and of proactive approaches to health and wellness. It is worth the 15 minutes!

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CPS: Bit by bit, every health visit counts

Posted under Other on 18/3/14

This short video from the Canadian Paediatric Society describes the important role of physicians in helping children and their families develop and maintain healthy lifestyles.

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Every child deserves a healthy smile, How poor dental health is hurting Canadian children

Posted under Other on 7/3/14

In this video, Dr. Robert Schroth shares important information about poor dental health among children and youth in Canada, including the size of the problem, numerous consequences including economic and developmental, and steps that can be taken to tackle the problem.

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November 20th is National Child Day!

Posted under Other on 20/11/13

National Child Day is celebrated in recognition of Canada’s adoption of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

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Severe tooth decay the leading reason Canadian preschoolers have day surgery each year (CIHI)

Posted under Other on 23/10/13

October 17, 2013—Dental surgery to treat cavities and severe tooth decay accounts for about one-third of all day surgery operations for preschoolers—putting thousands of kids between the ages of 1 and 5 under general anesthesia each year.

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Protect yourselves and others from the flu/Is it a cold or the flu?

Posted under Other on 24/9/13

Find out how to protect yourself and other from the flu and learn and to distinguish between a cold or the flu.

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Building Adult Capabilities to Improve Child Outcomes:  A Theory of Change

Posted under Other on 3/9/13

“The social challenges that face modern societies, whether it’s the ability to work productively, to be a good citizen, to stay healthy, have their roots in early health and development.”

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