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25 years later, Canada’s child poverty rate remains unchanged

Posted under In the News on 3/12/14

“It’s been 25 years since Canadian MPs set an ambitious goal: to end child poverty by the year 2000. But a quarter of a century later, the number of kids living below the poverty line remains unchanged.”

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Blog post:  EPA Climate Justice Blog: Healthy Homes—Protecting Children From Environmental Risks

Posted under In the News on 10/11/14

“Research has shown a strong connection between poor housing conditions and health problems, such as asthma, lung cancer, lead poisoning, and other injuries. Children in general, but especially those living in colonias, are more vulnerable to such health issues than adults.”

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Article: Emotional health in childhood ‘is the key to future happiness’

Posted under In the News on 10/11/14

” After investigating the factors in a person’s life that can best predict whether they will lead satisfied lives, a team headed by one of the UK’s foremost “happiness” experts, Professor Richard Layard, has come up with an answer that may prove controversial.”

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Article in ‘Youth Health’: Prevalence of Mental Disorders among Canadian Teens Inconsistent

Posted under In the News Resources and Publications on 5/11/14

“Media has the power to tell the truth-and hype issues. Based on a new study conducted on the rate of mental disorders among teens, the latter seems to be true.”

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Child Poverty Is a Canadian Problem (Huffington Post)

Posted under In the News on 12/9/14

“UNICEF’S most recent report on child well-being in rich countries ranked Canada 17 out of 29 countries assessed, scoring 27th in child obesity, 22nd in infant mortality and 21st in child poverty rates.”

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CBC: Residential school survivors will decide fate of testimony documents

Posted under In the News on 8/8/14

“A court has ruled that the individual testimonies of 40,000 Indian residential school survivors will be destroyed after 15 years, unless a survivor chooses to preserve their story in a national archive.”

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August 9th - International Day of the World’s Indigneous Peoples

Posted under Conferences and Events In the News on 8/8/14

“The theme aims to highlight the importance of implementing the rights of indigenous peoples through policies and programmes at both the national and international level working together towards this common goal with Governments, the United Nations system, indigenous peoples and other stakeholders.”

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Should patients be told about incidental findings from genetic testing?

Posted under In the News on 29/7/14

“Genomics is moving at a lightning pace. Whole genome sequencing, a special type of genetic test, can produce much more information about a person’s genes than ever before. However, this rapid advance in technology has outpaced our ability to understand what to do with all of this additional information. As a result, patients and clinicians are faced with difficult decisions.”

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The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario celebrates its 40th anniversary

Posted under In the News on 16/5/14

CHEO (the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario), celebrated its 40th anniversary on May 15th 2014. Shirley Post was one of the individuals who strived to overcome the challenges to building the hospital.

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Toronto Star - Rising youth homelessness a crisis we mustn’t ignore

Posted under In the News on 12/5/14

There are anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 youth on Canadian streets on any given day, and a new survey shows that the number of street youth in Canada is growing.

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