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Welcome to the Health of Canada’s Children and Youth: A CICH Profile!

This section provides information on the main sections of the site, unique features found throughout and tips on how to easily find the information you need. 

The menu on the top of the screen shows the main content sections of the website. When you click on these, the relevant related subsections are shown.  These navigation buttons are on every page.

Website Sections
On the blue navigation bar you will find:
About us- general information about the Profile, the different Profile Modules and the Canadian Institute of Child Health.
Profile Modules- data, graphs and summaries of the major issues impacting the health of Canada’s children and youth.
Tools- fact sheets, podcasts and many other interesting tools related to the health of Canadian children and youth.
FAQs- answers to frequently asked questions.
Partners- project partners, members of the National Advisory Committee and Expert Committee members.

Finding Data on the Health of Children and Youth
The main data on the health of Canadian children and youth can be found within the Profile Modules.  To access data please follow these easy steps:
1. Click on Profile Modules (located on the blue navigation bar) and select the module you would like to view.
2. Once on Module page, scroll down and click on the section you would like to view.  If you would like to look at the entire module start with section 1.
3. Once on the section page you will see a number of graph titles.  Click on one of these and go directly to the information or plan to click on the first graph listed and once you are there you can flip through all the pages in this section like a book.
4. On every page you will see NEXT PAGE and PREVIOUS PAGE buttons on the top.  Click these to go forward and back through the section pages.
5. On each page you will see the graphic, a summary on the right hand side and any implications below the graphic.  Below the implications you might find links to reports, videos, etc. that are relevant to this topic or issue area.  In addition, under the right hand summary box you will have the opportunity to download this page as a powerpoint slide or PDF.  The raw data for the figure is also available as a downloadable excel table.
6. To go back to the main module page go to the blue navigation bar at the top of the page and click on the Module you would like to go to.  This will bring you back to the main page for the Module.  Click on the next section you would like to view and follow the steps as outlined above.
7. On the main Module page there are buttons on the top right that allow you to download the entire module as a PDF or Powerpoint and for each section you also have this option.

Search Feature
At the top right corner of every page you will see the search feature.  Here you can type in key words and the search engine will search the Profile site for information related to your search request.  Any findings will be displayed in a Google search format.  Similar to Google, simply click on the information of interest and you will go directly to the Profile page where it is located.

On the far right hand side of every page you will see a feedback button.  If you have any feedback, click here to send an email directly to the Profile Manager.

Profile Network
At the bottom left of every page there is an invitation to be part of the Profile Network.  Simply enter in your email here to receive regular updates about new Profile data, information, links, tools, etc.  Email addresses will only be used by the Canadian Institute of Child Health to communicate information about the Profile and will not be used for any other purpose.

Social Media Buttons
At the top and bottom right of every page you will see social media buttons.  Please plan to follow the CICH Profile on Twitter and Facebook and feel free to share pages with your friends and colleagues by tweeting about them yourself or liking them via Facebook.  Facebook and Twitter will be used by the Canadian Institute of Child Health regularly to increase traffic and communication about important child and youth health information.

Should you have any questions about the content or functionality of the site please do not hesitate to contact Cassandra Sparks at (613)230-8838 ext. 229 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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