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Contextual Module

Children and Youth in Canada - The Context of their Lives (module table of contents)

Section 4: Economic Inequities (section table of contents)


Children and youth living in poverty are faced with many challenges to their health and well-being. Conditions of inadequate nutrition; crowded or unsafe living accommodations; less access to health care; and lower quality education are well-known challenges that low-income families face frequently.1

1 “Campaign 2000: 2010 Report Card on Child and Family Poverty in Canada; 1989–2010.” Accessed on June 29, 2012 at .

The number of children under 18 years living in poverty in Canada decreased to 550,000 (8.2%) in 2010 from 942,000 (14.0%) in 1990. For children under 18 years living in two-parent families, the number living in poverty decreased to 314,000 (5.7%) in 2010 from 475,000 (8.4%) in 1990. The most marked change was among children living in poverty in female lone-parent families. Their numbers decreased to 187,000 (21.8%) in 2010 from 407,000 (51.2%) in 1990.

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