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Contextual Module

Children and Youth in Canada - The Context of their Lives (module table of contents)

Section 3: Health Outcomes (section table of contents)


In 2006, almost half of the parents who reported having a child with a disability also reported having difficulties in obtaining special education programs regardless of the type of disability or level of severity. Access to special education for children with disabilities is important. Parents who reported having unmet needs for their child in school also reported a shortfall in their performance1

Note: Persons with disabilities are those who reported difficulties with daily living activities or who indicated that a physical or mental condition or health problem reduced the kind or amount of activities they do.
1Participation and Activity Limitation Survey 2006: A Profile of Education for Children with Disabilities in Canada (2008). Statistics Canada. Accessed on May 28, 2012, at


In Canada, 3.7% of children under 15 years of age reported having a disability in 2006. Among the provinces and territories, Nova Scotia had the highest rate, with 4.5% of children reporting a disability.

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